RHOA Recap – Lawd I’m So Tiyad of Hearin’ Bout Roger Bobb Plus Celebrity Apprentice Musings


Yeah, I’m combinin’ my comments bout both shows.  I figga since Kenya Mo’ on both of them, that is enough of a common thread to tie them both together.  I went to the Cowboys game yesterday, where I witnessed the Cowboys do the Lions like Eddie Long ALLEGEDLY did some of his church members – got in they arses.  Yes, I know…in poor taste.  Hey, every joke ain’t gon’ go over well.  I’m okay with that.  Because We Dem Boyz, I missed the first few minutes of the show…that and because Nate lost our car in the parking lot.  Note to self – don’t put Nate in charge of remembering where we park.

Anyway, I started watching just in time to see my ol’ pal and soror Yogi get some shine as the facial-ologist to Miss Black Peachtree Plaza (Kenya Mo’) and her aunty.  I was actually in Atlanta when this was filmed and remember Yogi tellin’ me all about it.  I was in town for a board meeting and mad I couldn’t leave to head up to her spa/salon to pretend to work there while I applied all kinds of cucumber eye pads to Kenya and her aunt-tee.  Oh well…just as well.  I’m sure I woulda been found out and that wouldna been good for Yo’s bidness.

Y’all know my memory is slightly janky so I will just talk highlights.  Kandi planned a ladies night out event (good move on her part to leave the men out cuz last time the couples were together at night, Apollo beat the brakes and the tires off Brandon).  You know Kandi knows how to throw a party – there was a scantily clad woman who was servin’ sushi off her abdomen…all kinds of food and drank and just enough goin’ on where you knew the invitees were gonna have a real good time.

Phaedra was busy getting a fence built round her house which was interesting since her man was headed to prison where they got really tall fences and look out guards on the towers like Nino Brown had at The Carters.  Apollo showed up and had much attitude about Phaedra buildin’ the fence.  He acknowledged that nobody respects him or consults him on anything.  Um, kneegro, you on your way to them people’s prison….ain’t nobody gotta ask you nothin’.  The scenes between them have just gotten way too uncomfortable.  I’m glad Apollo done finally went in.  Phaedra just needs to cut her losses and in the words of Denise LaSalle: “Drop That Zero and Get Herself a Hero”.  Take Mr. President and Mr. Ambassador to Barbados to visit him behind them people’s plexiglass once a month for bout an hour.

Phaedra received an honor from the Bar Association recognizin’ her contributions as an attorney.  Lawd I be done fuh-got that thang is an attorney.  She be doin’ errythang but working as attorney.  It was an all-white event and she worked that white and that ponytail she had attached.

The girls arrived at Kandi’s event.  There were a few randoms sprinkled in but all in all, it was the regulars.  Kenya tried to greet NeNe and got just as much shade as Gov. Christie when he tried to high five Jerry Jones in that skybox at the game yesterday.  Claudia (the other random) got similar shade from NeNe but still tried to talk to NeNe who told her that she hang with foke she (NeNe) don’t like.  I SCREAMED!  LOL.  So nasty…and so rude!

The event was starting to go well until Demetria McKinney (Janine from The House of Payne) announced in mixed comp’ny that she is dating Roger Bobb.  Lawd, I get so tiyad of them sayin’ that man’s whole name I don’t know what to do.  And just like that, Kandi’s event went from sugah to sheeit.  There was another girl there (Kandi’s friend) who had been with Roger Bobb.  And she confirmed it right there with Demetria McKinney lookin’ on.  Bay Bay – I SCREAMED.  Demetria couldn’t take it no mo’, I guess, because she walked out.  Kandi gon’ learn bout pullin’ together nice events for hood chicks.  And I don’t know why Demetria was so surprised that the other mo’ of a random than she is gul had been with Roger Bobb.  From what I can tell, half of Atlanta done been with him. I met somebody in the checkout line in the grocery sto’ today who said SHE had been with Roger Bobb.

Lawd I done got sooooo sleepy.  I wanted to talk about Celeb Apprentice. I missed most of the premiere show foolin’ round with them janky arse housewives.  Kesha Knight Pulliam got fiyah’ed first.  Shoulda been Kate Gosselin.  I swear that thang is only good for tasks that involve layin’ on her back and pushin’ out babies.  They fiyad Kesha because she wouldn’t call Bill Cosby for money.  She did the right thing, cuz say she did call Bill Cosby…she’d mess around and be dranking coffee with him one minute and be nekkid the next wonderin’ what happened.  And he’d be standin’ over her in that patchwork robe and black socks.  And dress shoes.

It came on again tonight.  The guy who got fired first tried to go toe to toe with Geraldo Rivera.  You cain’t do that and win.  That thang still relevant years after his show first aired back in the 80s and early 90s.  I knew ol’ boy was gon’ go home when he brought Juh-raldo back into them people’s boardroom.  I started hummin’ “You Cain’t Win Chile” like Michael Jackson when he played the scarecrow in the The Wiz.  The ladies won the challenge for the second time on the next episode, and Gilbert Gottfried (sp) got voted off. He shoulda.  Just all loud and wrong and inappropriate durin’ his team’s presentation.  I was scared Terrell Owens (TO) was gonna go.  Let’s face it – the black contestants don’t fare well on these types of show.  Just like when the black people get kilt first in scary movies.  T.O. handled himself well in that boardroom – level headed, thoughtful, articulate.  This may be his shot at redemption.

Kenya Mo’ was being Kenya Mo’.  Vivica was the project manager for the girls team the second time.  I was glad she won cuz that presentation they did turned into one big ball of unorganized sheeit.  But in the end, they were still better than the men.  I am liking the castin’ choices for this year’s show.  Trump cain’t be trusted when it comes to pickin’ out the proper toupee, but he damn sure knows how to pull together the right fokes for ratings.  I am waitin’ on Vivica and Kenya to come to blows…..

And with that, I gotta be out. I done drifted off like I got sleep apnea five times while writing this blog.  Night Night!

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