Raina Dead & I’m Still Waiting for Both Tariq & Dre to Go Home To Glory – Power Recap S4E9


I know this recap is late (grandmother’s funeral) but still felt like I should write should go ahead and write something.  I sho’ wish Raina had gotten out of the St. Patrick household and off to Choate (the private school) like she wanted.  But nope…she didn’t even get in and been attending classes FAITHFULLY.  Tariq, on the other hand, ain’t been in school since before Ghost got locked up and somehow managed to get selected.

But let’s talk about all that a little later – I need to recap the other parts of the episode.  Of course, I watched this at midnight on the Power Starz app because I am a Power fiend who can’t wait until it airs live on television.  I wish I could say I had a snack but I was struggling to stay awake and mighta missed a few scenes.  I would find myself sleep when I shoulda been all up in Ghost nem faces.  Anywho, Terisi is still Tommy’s dad and he wanted his son to come visit him.  Knowing Tommy got all kinds of felonies against his name and couldn’t come up there to visit unless he was gon’ start spendin’ nights in Terisi’s cell indefinitely.  Tommy had to get his birth certificate from Kate (his mama) but not after he broke up a right smart of her porcelain doll collection, put his hands around her neck and threatened to do to her what he did to Holly.  He finally sat down with Terisi and they both marveled at how much they resembled each other.  Tommy’s gonna meet his family (the other side) finally.

Ghost got the Victim of The Year award from some nonprofit and attended an awards banquet.  His ex-girlfriend Angela was also there and got promoted to Head of Criminal during the ceremony.  John Mak cussed in Chinese (Japanese?) because he had already walked up onstage and was standing there like Vesta (in the Congratulations video) lookin’ like it shoulda been me.

Tasha is still dry grindin’ with Terry Silver, and I am just tired of the writers forcing this ill-gotten relationship on us.  It is NOT believable and awkward because they have zero chemistry.  I think a video I saw this weekend of the actor who portrays him tells me why.  It also tells me why he put his shirt on before he put his pants on to answer the door for Ghost when he came over last episode.  Chile….

Dre, meanwhile, is still filling out his own death certificate burning up entire warehouse buildings of weight (drugs).  Kanan tried to holler at him about Dre’s late payments, even texting Dre talmbout “hey Bighead”.  Or maybe he said “hey lightskin”.  Same thing.  Tommy had to find money quick to keep his network in line so he went to Ghost and made him cut a check, after he tried to get Kesha back (to clean his money) and she wasn’t going.  He showed up to Ghost house high (he obviously doesn’t follow the 10 Crack Commandments — SEE NOTORIOUS BIG – because he would have known to never get high on his own supply.  He ended up head buttin’ Ghost, who had to go to the awards ceremony with a black eye that nobody mentioned.  I swear Ghost got them hands but he stay gettin’ stole on and catchin’ Ls.  Dre talked all the primeras into rolling out on Tommy in the meantime, and then quit as Distro (well he made Tommy fire his arse).  So now Tommy is alone. Oh, Dre also worked with Cristobal to send over henchmen to kill Kanan.  Two dudes who couldn’t kill a mouse with a rat trap apparently.  Kanan is that same negro that a fire couldn’t kill but you send over two fake arse “goons” to kill him with knives?  Really?  Kanan killed them two men five times over.  In like 2 minutes.  Dre is definitely going to die…it’s just a matter of how.

Tariq thought he could outrun his past, but unfortunately for Raina, that wasn’t going to happen.  He was trying his best to get out of town because Tariq knew causing that robbery Brains orchestrated to go left meant his arse.  I swear Brains shoulda changed his name to something else, because Ray Ray (Jukebox’s friend and fellow dirty cop) caught up with him and his partner and shot them both with no warning.  He ain’t have no damn brains.  But not before they told Ray Ray what happened with the robbery so Ray Ray knew he had one more loose end to tie up.  Tariq.

He went looking for Tariq in school (clearly he doesn’t know Tariq well or he would have known that negro ain’t neva in nobody’s class) and asked Raina if she’d seen her brother.  Raina later asked Tariq if he was in trouble and told him Raymond Jones came to school looking for him.  Tariq was clearly spooked out and was like “Ray Ray?”  He swore his sister to secrecy though, and told her she couldn’t snitch even after she really wanted him to tell Tasha.

Tariq’s girlfriend Destiny set him up for a meeting (behind that lean….how does he STILL have such a steady supply of it?) outside the school dance he and Raina attended.  Instead of Destiny, Ray Ray showed up to pop Tariq.  Of course, Tariq did what he always does when sheeit gets hot – he ran.  Raina came out of the dance and confronted Ray Ray, confirming that she knew who he was and that her dad was gonna graze his dirty cop temples.  Ray Ray fired a shot right through Raina’s heart, she fell in slow motion in all that snow and ice, and then Tariq came out of hiding to cry like Trey did in Boyz in the Hood when Ricky got shot.

Just like Tariq’s ol’ soft as Charmin Tissue arse – tried his best to speak up to save that random white lady he didn’t know last week but hid behind a wall to let Raina catch the bullet meant for his lean-addicted arse.  Yes, I’m still mad.  RIP sweet Raina.  I feel like I JUST got to know you because you had a bunch of lines finally and cussed at your mama!  I hope your sister gets out (I know we only see her every 4th episode) before Tariq arse get her killed too.  Maybe Choate got a kindergarten program.  Raina

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  1. Cassandra Jones

    😢Dang! I had not gotten a chance to watch yet and saw the title of the blog so…sucks

    On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 1:21 PM, sheilataylorclark wrote:

    > soshaydee posted: “I know this recap is late (grandmother’s funeral) but > still felt like I should write should go ahead and write something. I sho’ > wish Raina had gotten out of the St. Patrick household and off to Choate > (the private school) like she wanted. But nope…sh” >


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