Hillary You Gotta Knock That Thane Outta The Park!


Psssst…Hillary. Hey Girl. I need you to get closer to this screen so you can hear errythane I’m bout to say. Your husband delivered your game ball….Joe Biden put the ball into play…and President Obama pitched or passed the ball to you with that rousing speech tonight. It is up to you to come to that mic tomorrow night and knock that thane out the park OR slam dunk it (whichever sports analogy you choose).

Now I realize you are a bit of an introvert. You come off as buttoned-up (might be those high collars and necklines on them tea length jackets/blazers you be wearing and those sensible shoes you be tippin’ round in), a bit mechanical and ice queenish. Tomorrow night is not the place for all of that. Be you but deliver the speech of your LIFETIME.

You been working for the people for 40 years to shatter that glass ceiling on political leadership…well now you standing on a ladder (and the shoulders of those who have come before and made cracks) with sledgehammer in hand. This is the moment you have waited for your entire life. If you can do the damn thane Thursday night, you will be back in them people’s White House like you never left, ‘ceptin’ this time, Bill will be picking out the china, carrying YOUR purse  and going to the store buying YOUR personal items and unmentionables.

Now you gon’ need some bomb arse theme music but don’t pick Alicia Keys again cuz she don’t wear makeup and we need all the extra lip gloss and blush we can get tomorrow. Errythane is on the table for your speech ‘cept cussing and the N word. I KNOW you can do this.  Just like T.I., we’ll be jus watchin’..and waitin….. #ImwithHer #ButLawdImGonMissThem #DNC #DemsInPhilly #DNCinPHIL #hillaryclinton

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