Bobby Brown’s Interview – 20/20


I was wondering what made Bobby want to speak out about his life with Whitney and losing Bobbi Kristina now.  He spoke a little bit after Whitney died, but this was touted as being the first time we’d hear him share what he was going through when his daughter was on life support and how he felt about her and having to let her go.  I should have figured he had a book coming out or a new show or album or something he needed to sell.  I’m not mad at it though because Bobby Brown’s wife is pregnant again (she STAYS pregnant) and he gotta do somethin’ to keep them fed and in Pampers.

The interview didn’t disappoint though I feel like I know the Whitney/Bobby story.  There’s always three sides – his, Whitney’s and the truth which may lie somewhere in between.  He talked about getting his start in the music industry and living life in the fast lane.  For all the millennials that might read this – Bobby Brown WAS the 90s.  I distinctly remember him being one of the first ones if not THE first  to add raps to R&B songs AND I remember him doing remixes before they became popular  (check out that Rock Witcha remix on YouTube – it might be the reason you here…).  He was on soundtracks…in movies….he was doing the damn thing.  He said he dated some legends – among them Madonna and Janet Jackson.  I bet he dry grinded with them both.  I can see why they liked him cuz I wasn’t even having sex when he dropped that first album, and he coulda got it twice on Sundays.

And then he met and fell in love with America’s Pop Princess…the photos and videos from that wedding were amazing.  And that ring he put on her finger?  The first BIG ROCK that the world heard about before astronomical diamonds became a thing.  He said on the interview that his wedding day was the first time he witnessed Whitney doing drugs.  Said he had more cash in the bank when they got married than she did (I can believe this).  That would have made me get a divorce or ask for a trial separation.  He said he stayed cuz he wanted to protect her.  I think he stayed cuz Whitney had that thane.  She looked like she could go toe to toe and round for round with Bobby in the bedroom.  You know Bobby was a freak (used to go to jail for obscenity on stage during his concerts) so Whitney had to come through..was probably hanging off chandeliers and doing handstands and back bends in bed.

And so it began..the drugging and the drinking.  He said Whitney ain’t have no business doing that infamous Diane Sawyer interview.  She wasn’t in a good place.  Said he would try to get clean…and Whitney would pull him back in or vice versa.  Said they would do drugs with Bobbi Kristina in another room being cared for by a nanny.  No wonder she struggled with the same in her short life.  Said he is NOT an abuser though he admitted to hitting Whitney once behind the drugs.  Said he is now clean but still likes that yak every now and again (truthfully, he looked like he had hit that brown liquor tonight…but maybe he was trying to take the edge off).  It’s probably hell being Bobby Brown.

Said going to jail finally helped him kick his addiction.  And he went a lot.  And Whitney was always right by his side even when she was the reason he got locked up.  Said the reality show was a mistake and they shouldn’t have done it…and they damn sure should have been better parents to Bobbi Kris…said they failed her.  That made me sad.  All that money….and they couldn’t buy what they both needed – sobriety.  They did fail her.  She was our Blu Ivy.  And they let her down and everybody else.  Like that little white man on the show said – we should just remember the good times re: Whitney and hold hands and deny that the reality show ever happened.  That’s when all of America found out that Houston really had a problem. Y’all know I LOVE Whitney Houston but it was clear to even me that she as on that stuff.  You shouldn’t be in your 40s with a full bridge at the top and a partial plate at the bottom because you smoked out all your teeth.

Whitney passed….accidentally drowned in a bathtub as the result of cocaine use 5 years after they divorced.  Three years later, their daughter was found unresponsive in a bathtub with drugs in her system.  The common link – Nick Gordon was present with them both.  Bobby believes that man (he won’t say his name) knows what happened and had something to do with it.  He was estranged from his daughter after Whitney died but the two had reunited for a Father’s Day outing.  She had planned to move to L.A. with but died two days before she was supposed to leave.  He said letting her go..telling her to let go was the hardest thing he ever had to do and he wouldn’t wish that on anybody.  Of course, he cried…and then I cried.  Can’t imagine the deep pain of losing a child…you probably never ever get over it…you just have to deal and do the best you can to keep living.

Then they brought in his wife…pregnant again even though the baby they have doesn’t appear to be walking.  They also have a son together.  I love Bobby Brown but he doesn’t need any more kids.  When your grandkids are older than their aunties/uncles, you need to just stop. You can dry grind, but you should probably get snipped, cut and burnt.  He and his wife (former manager) appear to be happy.  And if Bobby’s weight is an indication, he is damn near joyful cuz he is a bit chunky.  He cooks now and has a line of seasonings and sauces.  It appears he does his own tasting.  I’m happy for him. He deserves a little bit of happiness.  His book will be out in another week, and I might actually read it if I can get a bootleg copy.  Y’all know my coins are scarce with my kid in summer camp.

(Edited to add: I forgot to mention that Bobby Brown dry grinded with a ghost!  He said he woke up outta his sleep to find a ghost ridin’ him like The Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver.  Chile, you gotta be on some STRONG sheeit to think you are having sex with a ghost….I will say this..if a ghost had sex with Bobby, it damn sure got pregnant, given his track record)

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